How it works

We bring more than 20-year experience in HR and a tool that will help improve the onboarding processes at your company.

Follow up

Follow-up of the new employee during their first year. Questionnaires will be sent after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and finally 12 months.


At each stage, the hiring manager and the new employee will receive a series of specific questionnaires. This process will reveal potential differences in perception that both parties may have throughout the first year of onboarding.


Once both parties have completed the questionnaires, a report will be automatically generated and can be accessed from the bclose platform, or downloaded in PDF format.


With the results it will be possible to identify quickly, easily and objectively if there is any point that requires attention, solving possible conflicts, misunderstandings and mismatches that may arise.

with bclose you will...

Track employee satisfaction and feedback:

Get the insights from new hires and build a strong relationship with new employees.

Identify the effectiveness of orientation processes:

Determine the challenges and issues faced and gain long-term employee commitment.

You will measure the new employee experience:

Monitor the impact and keep the employees on track with action planning.

Guide the managers to improve the hiring process:

Increase employee retention, expand their productivity and have a happier workplace.

Discover all the benefits from using bclose

Our mission is to support you in ensuring a positive onboarding experience for new employees and to increase their engagement / performance.​

  • Detect it at the right time if the onboarding is not going right

  • Keep the employees on track with action planning

  • Determine the challenges and issues faced 

  • Increase employee retention

  • Increase their performance

  • Have a happier ​workplace

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